The top performing LUMI-Systems hybrid cooling system makes use of the adiabatic air cooling theorem.  Water is atomised under high pressure to form a fine vapour, which is conveyed directly into the high volume air current.  By using reliable measurement and control technology, the amount of water atoms are adapted exactly to the high volume air current so that the enlarged surface area of water droplets lead to an instantaneous air cooling and the resulting evaporation of the water.

The cooling air is used to cool the existing the process water in the running cooling system to the desired temperature.  Furthermore, the heat removed from the water can be ecologically used so that CO2 emissions of the entire company can be sustainably improved.



Unbeatable Advantages

The significant advantages of this system lies in the usage of fully deionised water and water which has been 100% purified of bacteria and loosed impurities by the upstream LUMI-systems hydrotech reverse osmosis unit. Salting cannot take place and therefore no accumulation of salts can take place. Blow down  is also redundant. The system works without water storage and without recirculating water. A build-up of germs, especially from dangerous legionella bacteria is effectively prevented. No glycol is required.

Depending on the design, there is also a free cooling at temperatures under 21°C. This means that cooling without water is possible. A build up of vapour does not come into question and no additional heat measuring instrument for vapour reduction is necessary.

The water saving potential is enormous – as so much water is sprayed into the system and evaporates, the LUMI – Recooling system at full load saves an additional 47% of water in comparison to the standard cooling tower.


Maximum Flexibility

As different are the individual sites may be, so is the flexibility of our hybrid cooling systems when being integrated into current systems. Our systems can be placed lying or standing, inside or outside and the sizes and external arrangements are highly flexible.

Our hybrid cooling systems are capable of various tasks, irrespective whether it be the cool water recooling from cooling units, pure air-conditioning or the direct cooling of machinery and production lines. Our LUMI systems have been operating effectively and successfully in clinical fields as well as in the field of research and development.


Modern control concept

LUMI- Hybrid cooling systems offers a further plus for users. The ultra-modern control technology concept ensures that all fansand the LUMI-compressed water humidifiers are individually monitored and controlled by a frequency converter. The plus point – it is possible to connect the speed regulation with the heat gas pressure of the cooling unit and get a clear control without downtime or delays.

All important components for the control and regulation are centrally located in a control box. System parameters can be accessed through a modern graphical operating surface/user interface. The hybrid cooling system is simple to integrate into existing building management control systems. All values can either be forwarded on via various output options such a potential free contacts or via a bus system.


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