Absolutely pure and fully de-ionised process water is produced applicationally in exactly regulated quantities and is instantly available. The water is treated with anti-scalant. No permeate tanks or chemical treatment are used in any way. The retarding agents and the retentate are flushed out through the waste water system.

Limescale, other salts, heavy metals, as well as germs, bacteria and other traces of pesticides are effectively removed.  By means of modern control and measurement technology, the maintenance periods for our reverse osmosis systems can be precisely determined, therefore the system can work on standby and completely hygienic over a long period of time.

Unbeatable Advantages

Our LUMI-Hydrotech offers outstanding hygiene without water treatment or a permeate tank. At the same time, the consumer is provided with the permeate with the necessary form without requiring a booster pump. The standard of 3-6 bar for provision of outgoing permeate is stipulated. As an option, systems with a balancing pressure up to 80 bar can be delivered. The best is that a reverse osmosis has the capacity to provide other systems with osmosis water without requiring an electrical connection.
The high reliability of the system is guaranteed by the high quality of workmanship combined with the most modern of control and measurement technology resulting in long unbroken periods running times and lower operating costs. The LUMI-Hydrotech-reverse osmosis system compatible with the humidifiers, recooling systems and our heat recovery systems.

Maximum Flexibibility

Our low maintenance and durable reverse osmosis systems comes in various sizes and variable capacities depending on your requirements.

Refittings is current operating systems is also possible.  Our engineering team are able to assist you with the calculations of the right volume for your requirements.


„This is the perfect implementation on the thoughts of hygiene! And confirmed with certification.“