Two new innovative humidification systems are now available

Type 1: LUMI - 3 in 1 humidifies, heats and sterilizes
Type 2: LUMI - 5 in 1 humidifies, heats, cools, de-humidifies and sterilizes

Types 1 and 2 are the first and only humidification systems with automatic sterilization.

Pressurized water humidifiers, which have been successfully operating without chemicals for 25 five years can be found under Premium

Through the ongoing striving for energy saving in the sector of air-conditioning, Michelbach Lumi has come up with innovative new ideas. With the adiabatic humidification technology, air is no longer heated before the spraying, rather afterwards as this brings more benefits.

The spraying results by means of especially developed nozzles and drop separators with an integrated combined register.  Using this combined register, heat is supplied and simultaneously sprayed, which effectively creates the following benefits:

  1. Shorter length of the humidifier
  2. Saving of heat and cooling elements
  3. Co2 saving through a lower pressure loss
  4. Lower PWW flow temperature
  5. No damp or temperature layers in the supply air
  6. Water loss of under 5%
  7. Absolutely precise temperature and moisture control of 1 – 20g/kg
  8. Humidification without chemicals
  9. High hygiene requirements are guaranteed
  10. Sterilization of the humidification unit
  11. Absolutely environmentally friendly
  12. Use of 200 – 400.000m³/h
  13. High pressure pump constantly controllable from 0 – 100%
  14. High pressure pump and circulation pump, regulating valves as well as control and monitoring contained in a SIB-station

Variant Description

Type 1: 3 in 1

  • Use for the humidification capacity with heating of the supply air temperature to the requirement of 1-20g/kg.
  • Sterilization after shutdown of the equipment can also be used as a reheater when de-humidifying the supply air.
  • Suitable for refittings and refurbishments (air washers and steam humidifiers)
  • The combination register is for the heating of the supply air and simultaneously replaces the standard drop separator.

Type 2: 5 in 1

  • Use for humidification with heating or cooling (as well as de-humidifying) by means of 2 temperature levels when cooling or de-humidifying. By using heat recovery, the pre-heater and cooler are no longer required.  Using clever control technology, the combination register simply replaces both.
  • Sterilization after the shutting down of the equipment.

Type 3: SIB

  • With SIB hydraulics and control station as well as water purification, everything can be delivered from the same supplier. Should there be a shortage of space, the systems (3 in 1 and 5 in 1) offer a deciding option.  With new equipment, the air-conditioning equipment can be shortened by 2-3 metres.
  • With the systems integration box, excessive on-site installation costs can be saved (no travel time, release, overnight accommodation, construction meetings)

OVERALL LENGTH – the LUMI 5 in 1 is now one metre shorter!

LUMI high efficiency multi-function system 5 in 1 including LUMI adiabatic humidification system (2nd generation)

InstallationConventional unitLUMI Combi unit
Pre-heating70 Pa50 Pa
Cooler100 Pa- - -
Humidifier120 Pa- - -
Re-heater80 Pa- - -
LUMI Combi unit- - -80 Pa
Total pressure loss370 Pa130 Pa

With chemicals, everyone can reach a level of hygiene.
Hygiene without chemicals – that’s our job!