Low operating costs and total reliability for production and Laboratories by high efficiency adiabatic recooling systems

Recooling System LUMI - RKS 1100-2, glycol free

MAN – The future is today
The MAN Group is one of the leading European industrial companies in the field of transport related engineering.  Man offers cars, buses, diesel engines, turbo machinery as well as special gear units.  The technological leadership in the field of heavy duty vehicles is a significant element of the business strategy of the company.  The role of the forerunners is maintained that by acknowledging future demands and requirements well in advance and to implement new pathbreaking products and solutions.  Innovative transport solutions for all requirements of tomorrow is the goal of MAN Truck & Bus AG.

Modern through ecological competence
For new and improved solutions, MAN is working on concepts to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as well as reducing noise levels.  Recycling and environmental protection are also key elements of the company’s overall development, planning and production.  With this comprehensive ecological focus on all aspects of modern transport solutions, MAN is expanding its competence as an innovative market leader and looking closely at modern and ecological technology for the provision of cooling of the R&D.  On these grounds, it is crucial to use highly efficient cooling technology with the lowest possible energy consumption for channel the generated heat outwards.  Aspects of cost effectiveness is also crucial, therefore the use recooling systems which are low in maintenance and high in reliability is a key factor.

Both requirements can be meet by the high performance LUMI-Recooling system, which uses a 100% adiabatic operating systems. /which operates adiabatically.
The recooling systems are equipped to ensure that a year round and totally reliability with a low maintenance can be guaranteed.  The system is equipped for adiabatic cooling of the airflow to the wet bulb temperature.  For a long period of time (transition period of winter), the dry running is possible. For an energetically optimal running with maximum usage of air flow requirements, the system is glycol free.  Two deciding factors lead to this decision: the minimal viscosity of water as opposed to a mix of water and glycol and therewith the minimal energy consumption for the cooling circuit pumps as well as the improved transfer of heat of water as opposed to the glycol water mix. The requirement for this usage is the frost protection. that’s why the systems are frost proof.

The LUMI-recooling system with 1100 kW recooling capacity stands on the roof of the building.


Planer: Engineering Office Roland Goetz | 90581 Altdorf


Design of the Recooling System

Special features

  • Adiabatic recooling at a medium temperature of 38°C/30°C
    For an external air temperature up to 34°C/40% room humidity
    (dry operating up to 14°C)
  • Cooling machine 250 kW + process cooling including laboratories 850kW


  •     Control cabinet
  •     Frost protection system
  •     Double sided window shades
  •     Emergency Heating
  •     High pressure humidification system with high pressure pump station
  •     Double sided silencer
  •     Weather proof housing

Technical Details

Recooling capacity1100 kW
Air temperature/ moisture inletmax. 34,0 °C / 40% room humidity
Wet-bulb temperature23,0 °C
Glycol content0,0 %
Cooling medium inlet/outlet38,0 °C / 30,0 °C
Dimensionsapprox. 8.000 mm x 5.700 mm x 2.721 mm
Operating weightapprox. 18.500 kg